Lourdes Perez is a world citizen born in Spain. Passionate humanitarian, international speaker, blogger, yoga & meditation teacher.


Her willingness to contribute to make this world a better place moved her from a successful international career in the corporate sector to the humanitarian sector. She has lived across 7 countries in Asia, Europe and the Americas, advocating & supporting humanitarian causes since 2003 with the biggest humanitarian organization in the world.

Besides, she is a ‘modern yogini’, advises individuals and organizations through her seminars, talks and private sessions that include practical spirituality, merging ancient philosophy, yoga and meditation with modern science. She spent more than 6 years working and studying yoga/meditation in India with great teachers. This experience profoundly transformed her. Now she promotes a more soulful leadership style and in 2013 was invited as one of the emerging European leaders at the AIM Albach Forum. Her aim is to help people and institutions to grow more effectively by becoming agents of change starting from within. Inner transformation based on values and contribution to others… while having fun!

“The real change I want to bring happens inside, in the hearts, minds and souls of people. When we decide to let go of fear, mistrust, grudge, anger, insecurity and judgment, our attitude in the world becomes different and we are able to create more peaceful, just and dignified lives for us and people around us. It is a wonderful and empowering process. That’s a real contribution to our families, workplaces, communities and society”

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