Both, organizations and the world need a shift in leadership and in consciousness to address one of the most challenging but beautiful time in history to elevate humanity.

Develop a more advanced leadership style by understanding how it looks to lead not only with your brain but with your heart and soul... all three in harmonious balance.

Leadership with soul sets a new frontier of personal growth and organizational leadership that starts to be envisioned by high end organizations and leadership experts of the 21st century.

A leader with soul knows that sustainable success requires that we lead ourselves first and then become a catalyst for transformation in the organization, as well as in our families, our communities and the world.

Lourdes brings together her research and experience on developing the human potential from ancient wisdom, especially ancient Yoga (Yoga psychology and Philosophy) with modern science to develop practical tools for self-transformation… and a pinch of her Spanish sense of humour to make the process fun and worth it.

Some key aspects include:

  • Consciousness and self-awareness: from your Ego to your Essence. Transformation.
  • Purpose: leave a legacy for others in this world doing what you love.
  • You have infinity potential within you.
  • Create happier workplaces where talent and kindness can flourish.

Lourdes offers seminars, presentations and keynote speeches on:

  • Leadership with Soul: The basics for the 21st Century
  • Leadership with Soul: Inner and Outer balance
  • Leadership with Soul: The power of your Emotions In&Outside the workplace
  • Leadership with Soul for Women: Connecting Mind, Heart and your Feminine Essence
  • Leadership with Soul: Befriending your Ego (so your essence can shine)

… And mini-retreats on Inner Leadership and Inner Development for executives, humanitarians entrepreneurs and leaders:

We live in a moment of constant change with very new global challenges and opportunities. Most of us we are ready to create careers that are good for us and good for the world. We are ready to contribute to the betterment of our communities, businesses/organizations and families from our ‘big’ or ‘small’ roles.

But, as Gandhi said: ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’. For that probably some on-going transformation needs to take place: self-knowledge, self-awareness, developing the power of the mind, take responsibility for our thoughts and emotions, removing self-sabotaging beliefs, become more creative, ensure work-life balance, etc.